protect alarm codes

7 Ways to Protect Your Security Alarm Code

protect alarm codes

The most important part of your security system is the passcode. These four digits are like a key to your house. The more secure these numbers are, the more secure your home is. From forgotten passwords to false alarms, Sonitrol has experience dealing with all ranges of security alarm code problems.

Here are some tips to protect your security alarm codes and keep your home safe.

Stay away from commonly used codes

Stand out from the crowd and pick a password that protects you. A DataGenetics study of 4-digit passwords found that almost 11% of the 3.4 million security alarm codes that were surveyed were “1234.” Try to avoid patterns, like “2580,” which goes straight down. Also avoid sequences taken from dates, social security digits, and phone numbers.

Pick a code you’ll easily remember

To choose the code that will protect you best, make sure that you can actually remember it. Our tips for choosing a security alarm code you can remember? Spell something out with your code, or use a mnemonic device to remember it.

For example, you can remember the seemingly random selection of numbers “5397” by knowing those numbers spell out the word “keys” on the keypad. Now, that random series is a word you can easily remember.

Give each user their own individual code

While it may seem easier to use the same set of numbers for every user, it’s actually safer to pick a unique set of numbers for everyone using the system. By continuing to randomize the codes that are being used, it makes each one a little bit more difficult for intruders to crack.

Do not write down your security alarm code

Writing down your code is dangerous! It may seem like common knowledge to avoid putting your passcode by the keypad, but it’s important to be reminded of the fact. If you cannot remember the code without a note, do not just write down the four digits.

Try to conceal it by putting other random numbers in. If you know that every other number is your code, “6481” becomes “060408010,” so that if that note does fall into the wrong hands, it is significantly more difficult to guess the password.

Don’t share your code with others

Sharing is caring, but keep your code to yourself! By letting friends and colleagues know about your security passcode, you are putting yourself at a higher risk. Treat your security code like a key to your house, and keep it close to you.

Update your code frequently

Finally, you should change your code at least twice a year. And if there’s ever any worry someone has accessed your code, update your security alarm code immediately.Worried about forgetting your new passcode? Just change one digit from your old code to make it easier to recall.

If codes still seem a little too difficult to remember, there are other options! Sonitrol offers alternatives like a mobile app, a card, or a key fob. If you need further assistance, be sure to contact a Sonitrol sales consultant for your free security assessment. Call us today!