Test Your System

Follow these steps to test

When Sonitrol Security installed your alarm system, or if we converted your monitoring from a previous service provider, we tested all of your system components at that time to ensure they were properly communicating with the monitoring center.

Sonitrol Security encourages all of our customers to test their systems monthly to ensure their system is ready in the event of an emergency.

If, for any reason, the system did not communicate to the monitoring center, please call our service department at (843) 747-0904 or (803) 747-0904, Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm and we will arrange for one of our qualified technicians to check your system.

  • Call Central Monitoring
    Call Sonitrol’s 24-hour central monitoring office at (843) 747-0904 or (803) 747-0904 to let them know you’ll be testing your system.
  • Close Doors
    Close all doors and protected windows, arm your system and allow the delay time to expire.
  • Activate Alarm
    Activate your alarm like an actual emergency by opening a protected door, pressing your panic or hold-up buttons, etc.
  • Wait
    Allow your sirens (if an audible alarm) to sound for approximately 15 seconds to one minute and then turn off your system.
  • Call Back
    Call the monitoring center and announce that you are calling to check test results. The operator will describe the signals received. Ask the operator to take the system off test.

Submit a Service Request

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Sonitrol SC emphasizes personalized customer service that fits our customers’ needs. The commitment to high-quality service has been an integral component of the company’s mission since it was founded in 1978. “Each system is tailored to fit the customer’s needs”, explains company President John Rama. “Most of our service calls are covered by the monthly fee.”

Leader in personal service

For the professionals at Sonitrol SC, the sale of a alarm or security system is just the beginning of the customer relationship. Our custom-designed systems are installed by uniformed technicians, all of whom have been background checked and licensed. Sonitrol SC works to reduce the incidence of false alarms and encourages customers to use their security systems conscientiously. Our installers demonstrate each system to ensure the customer is comfortable with its operation.

We work to maintain strong relationships

“We strive to maintain strong relationships and communication with our customers,” Vice President Alan Rama says. Never content to rest on past successes, Sonitrol SC regularly takes customer quality assurance surveys to maintain its commitment to quality personal service and to improve customer satisfaction. For Sonitrol SC, it all comes down to ensuring that each customer feels safe. The company has earned the trust of its customers and the confidence and respect of local police and fire department officials. Sonitrol SC’s well-trained, attentive staff and state-of-the-art technology provide sweet peace of mind.

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