What Is an Electronic Security System?

In the past, the only form of home security available was a door lock that had to be opened with a key. Because thieves don’t use keys to enter your home, security has upgraded significantly since then. There are home security systems that set off alarms when someone walks through a door or enters through a window.

An electronic security system uses power – either through a battery or electrical outlet – in order to operate. This term refers to any electronic equipment that performs access control, alarms, surveillance, and other security operations. Closed-circuit TVs (CCTVs) and video cameras are also frequently used. There is also the ability to view your home or business while you’re away, thanks to your smartphone or laptop.

Electronic security systems are found in a variety of environments. Corporate workplaces, commercial offices, retail stores, medical facilities, gas stations, railways, and other places use these systems to control access, sense fires, view activities of employees, reduce theft, and much more.


This type of surveillance system uses cameras, microphones, alarms, and perhaps even smoke detectors to detect any unusual activity from a remote place. An internet connection transfers images and events to a CCTV, which allows security personnel to view employees or customers in a store and detect theft or other crimes.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can come in handy. While they may seem intrusive, they can protect your home and offer many benefits whether you’re at home or away. When you’re at home, you can be in one room and check on the children in another room without having to get up. If someone is at the door, you can see who it is from any room in your home.

While you’re away, you can use security cameras to catch thieves, see what’s going on at home, watch the babysitter, keep an eye on construction workers, watch your kids, and more. Not all security companies offer video monitoring, so check around if this is something you’d like to have.