Urban Legends About Home Security

Even in the world of home security, there are urban legends that lead people to believe some false truths. Don’t get taken in by any of those these urban legends, some of which are as follows.

Burglaries Happen At Night
Contrary to what some may believe, not all burglaries occur at night. Most people are home at night, which provides a major obstacle for burglars. The prime time for thieves is when no one is home. That is usually in the daytime when people are at work and kids are in school.

Decoy Cameras Deter Burglars
Chances are that your home is not going to be targeted by a first-time burglar. That means most burglars have some kind of knowledge about security cameras. Chances are, they can spot a fake. A decoy camera does not record, does not trigger an alarm and does not inform anyone there is a potential intruder. Decoy cameras also tend to look old and outdated.

Security Stems Are Simple To Bypass
In years’ past, cutting a simple wire may have been enough to shut down a security system. The reality is that today’s systems are far more sophisticated. Smart home security systems are not fully reliant on a home’s power as its only source. Most house burglars are not technological whiz kids, which means most will run into difficulty when trying to bypass a new security system. It takes some detailed knowledge to get around today’s home security systems.

Burglaries are Random
While a burglary may seem like a random act, most are not conducted by chance. Most burglars scope out a home before attempting to gain entrance. That may come with preliminary surveillance, phone calls or even stopping by and pretending to be someone else. It makes sense for a burglar to do some homework, which means residents should always be aware. You never know the motive of a random person who speaks to you on the street or a random caller.

There is Nothing Worth Stealing
You may believe there is nothing worth stealing in your home, but that is not the mindset of a burglar. There is always the hope that a burglar will find cash, jewelry, or even prescription drugs. Many times, the goal is to find anything that can be sold quickly. Most burglars are not going to go for large items that are difficult to transport, but are looking to get their hands on something they can sell.