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Sonitrol SC provides the highest quality residential security services in South Carolina. Customers consistently say they appreciate our superior installation and service staff, our attentive call center, and our prompt service.

“We emphasize personal service”, says Sonitrol SC President John Rama. “All of our alarm systems are tailored to fit the customer’s needs, and most of our service calls are covered by our monthly fee.”

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Sonitrol security experts will complete a detailed security survey and customize a solution that meets your needs, lifestyle and budget. Our Sonitrol support team will provide you with the latest electronic equipment, a neat and professional installation, timely ongoing service, and reliable alert monitoring around the clock.


Parts – We provide free replacement parts and installation on your Sonitrol-installed security system due to normal wear and tear or equipment malfunctions.

Inspection – We’ll inspect your system for free after any attempted burglary or fire emergency when you contact us.

Transfer Your System

Sonitrol can often times monitor existing equipment in your home. Please contact Sonitrol to schedule a free in-home consultation and inspection of your current system’s compatibility.

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