Going Above and Beyond a Security System

Did you know police officers respond to an average of 36 million security system alarms each year, costing about 2 billion dollars? That’s a lot of money. And over 90% of the calls the police get are false alarms, costing time as well as money.

False alarms prevent true burglaries from being stopped, keeping police from stopping crimes that are actually happening. Fortunately, Sonitrol’s security systems utilize technology to reduce false alarms, as well as other common security system issues.

Here are a few of the ways Sonitrol’s system goes above and beyond the average security measures:

Using Audio Technology

Firstly, Sonitrol’s verified alarm systems surpass standard security measures to stop crime. When something triggers your alarm, our verified security systems allow our monitoring professionals to access audio and assess what is happening. Since our alarms are sound-based, we can tell if it’s just a case of a forgotten code or if it’s something more serious.

Reducing False Alarms

In the case of a false alarm, our monitoring professionals can simply reset the system without bothering anyone. But if there is a break-in, we can dispatch the police immediately and keep them updated with the situation in real-time. Thanks to this system, Sonitrol has the highest apprehension rate and lowest false alarm rate in the industry.

Achieving Faster Response Times

Sonitrol’s goal is to reduce false alarms and increase criminal apprehension. With the aid of police officers, our verified response technology is the leader in the industry. Non-verified systems can expect up to a 45-minute response time from the police, while Sonitrol’s Verified Response system is over 5 times faster with responses taking an average of 8 minutes.

Apprehending More Criminals

Finally, Sonitrol security systems apprehend more criminals. With over 173,000 apprehensions, Sonitrol systems average about 1 apprehension every 111 minutes. 20% of these apprehensions were made before the criminals even entered the building. Non-verified alarms waste police time, resources, and money with an average of less than 1% apprehension rate.

These statistics prove that Sonitrol goes above and beyond the standards for security systems. Protect your home or business with a verified security system from Sonitrol. Contact our sales department today!