unexpected fire hazards

Unexpected Fire Hazards in the Home

unexpected fire hazards

Don’t leave the kitchen when you’re cooking and blow out candles when you go to bed. These are the day-to-day fire prevention measures we know so well. But there are actually unexpected fire hazards in your home that you may be overlooking, and to your detriment.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, there are opportunities for a fire to break out. In fact, 352,000 home fires occurred in 2016. Luckily, there are easy preventative measures you can take to keep that from happening. Make sure that you keep your home safe and sound by keeping an eye on these unexpected fire hazards:

Crumbs in the Toaster

You’re in a hurry in the morning and can’t clean out the toaster, which doesn’t seem like a big deal. Too many days like this, though, and those little crumbs can turn into a problem. A buildup of crumbs in your toaster can actually set off your fire alarm, and even spark into a kitchen fire.

Fairy Lights

Those fairy lights are pretty, but they can pose a threat to your home. Just make sure that they’re unplugged when not in use, and turn them off before you go to sleep to prevent a fire breaking out when you’re not aware.


Next time you clean up around the house, make sure that you don’t skip dusting. If dust builds up around electrical sockets or heaters, it can start a fire. It might seem like just another thing on your to-do list, but in the long run, it’s definitely better than having to clean up the ashes from a fire!


The windowsill may seem like the perfect place to display your favorite glass vase or an ornament or two, but beware. If your window gets a lot of sun, the glass could act as a magnifier. If the rays become concentrated on the rug or curtain, a fire could start. So, it might be smart to move the glassware from the window to somewhere the light doesn’t strike it quite so much.


If you own a laptop, you know how quickly it can heat up. That’s why it’s so important to keep it well-ventilated. If the cooling vents are blocked, then enough heat could be produced to start a fire. Try to avoid soft surfaces, like a cushion or a blanket, that could prevent the air from flowing and use your laptop on a desk or another flat surface.

Dryer Lint

Make sure you take out the lint in your dryer before you start another load! Too much lint buildup can clog your dryer, and adding that to the heat used to dry your clothes is a bad combination.

Frayed Electrical Cords

Take inventory of your electrical cords; if they’re frayed and showing the wires, it might be time to invest in new ones. Frayed electrical cords are a big fire hazard, and if you continue to use them, the risk only increases. Prevent your cords from fraying by taking care of them. Don’t put them underneath the carpet where they can be tread on and keep them untangled.

Taking preventative measures against these unexpected fire hazards can prevent significant damage to your home and belongings. While it may seem like a lot of work, it will save you time, money, and heartache in the long run. So keep your home safe by keeping an eye out for these unexpected fire hazards in your home.