Problems with Home Technology and Security


Go into any home in today’s world, and you’ll likely find some form of technology. Whether it’s a smartphone, a baby monitor, surround sound speakers, or a security system, we now rely heavily on technology to help us complete tasks, to entertain us, to keep us safe, and so on.

With the increased intelligence of technology, we’re able to do things that were never thought imaginable. While this has taken us to new heights in the world of discovery, the growing intelligence of technology has also become increasingly involved in our personal lives. Not only do we use technology to call friends, plan meetings, and send files, but we also use our phones, laptops, and iPads to hold documents, store passwords, and track our locations.

In the grand scheme of things, it seems that the convenience of technology is too good to give up for a little added safety. However, the more we rely on technology, the more our protection is weakened. If you’re curious about how home technology is having an effect on our level of protection, the following are some of the problems that arise with home technology and security.