places to hide valuables

Unexpected Places to Store Your Valuables

You should always keep your most valuable possessions in a safe, secure spot. Safety deposit boxes are a great place to store valuables, but there are also safe places to store your valuables in your home. At-home safes can give you peace of mind that your valuables are well protected.

If a safety deposit box or home safe is not an option for you, don’t worry. Here are some places around the house where burglars are less likely to look in the event of a home invasion:

The Kitchen

Besides your appliances, burglars often don’t expect to find valuables in your kitchen. Many kitchen cabinets and cabinets go completely unnoticed to burglars once they enter your house. Consider placing things under the kitchen sink or in the cupboards, hidden behind household materials that are of no use to burglars.

Take an extra step and hide your valuables in fake packaging, like an old cereal box. Just don’t forget your valuables are stored there and accidentally throw the box out!

The Freezer

In addition to kitchen cabinets, burglars almost never open the refrigerator. The freezer is a great place to store valuables. Just make sure the items you store there are not sensitive to cold. Wrap them in aluminum foil or plastic wrap so they blend in with the rest of the items in the freezer.

Laundry Bins

Most burglars aren’t in pursuit of your dirty laundry. Keep your valuables safe by hiding them underneath the lining of the laundry bag. You can set them in small containers or slim boxes.

Innocuous Boxes

There are always boxes in your house that hold random items that you probably only use once a year. Label these boxes with something burglars would likely find useless, like “Christmas Decorations.” Place valuables in these boxes, towards the bottom.

These unexpected places to hide your valuables will throw burglars off, and more than likely keep them from finding your most valuable possessions. Keep your home and important items safe with security solutions from Sonitrol. Call today to see how we can protect your home!