detect a burglar

How to Detect a Burglar

detect a burglar

Burglars these days will often watch the home they are interested in before attempting a robbery. They look for specific patterns and try to determine how difficult it will be to break into a house. While this is worrisome, there are fortunately ways to detect a burglar before they can strike.

Below is a list of things to look out for to prevent a burglary from occurring in your home.

An Unfamiliar Car

One of the first signs that a burglar might be targeting your house? An unfamiliar car parked on your street. Burglars will often park outside of a house for long stretches of time; perhaps a few hours, or over the course of a few days.

If you notice a suspicious car, check with your neighbors to see if they recognize it. You should also keep track of how long the new car stays there.

Strangers & Solicitors

Oftentimes when a burglar is targeting home, they will hang around the house or disguise themselves to get intel. Perhaps uncertified workmen or solicitors will knock on your door, asking to use the bathroom or to take a look in your house.

Never let a workman you did not call for or a solicitor inside your home. They may be trying to figure out the layout of your house and the valuables you may have inside.


Speaking of strangers, keep an eye out for people that walk by that stop to take a picture of your home. If they take a picture and then just walk away, this is a good sign that your house is being targeted and that you should be cautious of a potential burglary.

Spam Mail

If you start noticing lots of meaningless spam mail, like flyers, in your mailbox or on your doorstep, this could be an warning. The burglar is taking advantage of delivering mail to get a better look at your house.

If you start noticing an increase in the amount of spam mail you are getting, ask you mailman if he is delivering them. If he isn’t, keep a look out for the person handing them out. Ask your neighbors if they are receiving them as well. The burglar could be watching their homes, too.

Strange Markings

Some burglars will place strings on walkways, lamp posts or your house as a tool for the planning of the robbery. The strings alert other burglars that the house is a potentially easy target. If you notice strings or other signs like litter in strange places around your home, remove them immediately.

Burglars are creative, and are always trying to find new ways to rob your home. Fortunately, their tactics are easily detectable. If you notice any of these signs, report it your police department to keep your property, and your life, safe.

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