caring for pets

Caring for Pets During an Emergency

caring for pets

During emergencies, caring for pets should be one of your top priorities. The best way to ensure that all of your pet’s needs are met in the event of an emergency is through planning and preparation.

Here are some tips on how to prepare and take care of your pet during an emergency.

Evacuating? Bring Your Pets

First thing’s first: if you need to evacuate the area due to an emergency, bring your pet. Don’t assume that they will be okay in the house, even if they have a feeder and plenty of water. If it isn’t safe for you, then it isn’t safe for your pets.

Prep Food & Any Medications

Every family should have an emergency kit handy in the event of an incident or evacuation. If you have a pet, make sure you consider their needs when putting your emergency kit together. Include any medications your pet takes. You can even ask your veterinarian for an extra prescription to include in your emergency stash.

In case of an evacuation, make sure you bring food and water for your pet. Store their travel food, water, and medicine in the same area along with your emergency kit. Then, in case of an emergency, you can grab quickly.

Comfort Your Pets

Once you have left, check to see how your pet is doing. They might be shaking or nervous due to the stress of your abrupt exit. Try to stick to a familiar schedule like at home, such as regular eating and bathroom times. Also, give them lots of water. If your pet becomes ill, take them to a vet; it may be a result of stress or anxiety.

Next time you are at your vet’s office, ask the staff for tips on helping your pet during emergencies. Call a local animal shelter or pet boarder and see what options they offer in case of emergencies.

Remember, if you’re leaving town for an emergency, then your pet needs a safe place to go, too. So prepare for them, stay organized at home, and keep them safe.