simple ways to secure home

4 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

simple ways to secure home

You can’t put a price on safety for you and your loved ones, but we can’t deny that saving money is a big factor in daily life. That’s why we want to share a few simple ways to secure your home and protect your loved ones and valuables without breaking the bank.

Security doesn’t need to be expensive; you can make a few simple changes that will protect you and your family for years.

Get New Screws

When it comes to simple ways to secure your home, changing door screws is easy and affordable. Most door screws provided are typically a measly 1/2 inch long. So when a burglar pays you a visit, these screws aren’t going to stop them from kicking down your door. For just a few dollars at any hardware store, you can buy longer screws and use those instead of the tiny ones provided.

Deadbolt High Up

Kids seem to love to try to escape, which is never a good thing, especially for a parent who might be busy in the kitchen while their little one is roaming around. Keep kids in arm’s reach by installing a deadbolt high off the ground. That way, even if they manage to reach the door handle, they can’t open the door fully and run off.

Lock Sliding Glass Doors

Most sliding glass doors can simply be lifted off their hinges, making it an easy way for burglars to enter and exit unnoticed. Instead of just putting a stick in the track, which won’t stop them from being lifted anyways, get a lock that can prevent your glass door from being removed from its tracks.

Pay a Visit to the Locksmith

Depending on how old your lock is, it could leave your home susceptible. If it’s five years or older, it definitely cannot stand up to lock bumping. So, take your locks to a locksmith to have anti-bump pins installed, or replace them with bump resistant locks.

While these simple ways to secure your home will offer extra protection, they are not foolproof. But the best way to protect your home and loved ones is with a comprehensive security system. If you have any questions or want to talk to us about securing your home even further with our alarm systems, don’t hesitate to contact Sonitrol today.