5 Common Mistakes with Home Security Systems


It’s a fantastic feeling to install a new home security system. Finally, your family is secure and now you can sleep safely every night. Wait, not so fast! There are a few mistakes you should be aware of before you grow too complacent. Keep in mind: Your home security is only as good as your habits. There are other security measures to consider that help keep criminals out.

What matters is that you don’t make the common mistakes that have been proven to cause breaches. Most of these problems happen from lack of planning or foresight. Let’s discuss five common errors that might derail your efforts.

1. Storing Your Key Somewhere Where a Burglar Can Find It

Sure, you’ll have an urge to conceal your house key outside. That way, if you forget your keys, you’ll be able to retrieve a set and let yourself into your house. Unfortunately, this idea has been around so long that burglars ALWAYS look for a key before they resort to other measures to break in.

This simple act defeats the entire purpose for install a home security system in the first place.

Wherever you think to hide the key, chances are high someone will check. Forget that idea and consider other strategies to deal with an inadvertent lockout.

2. Detailing Your Movements on Social Networks