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Is a Home Security System Beneficial?

If your home holds your most prized possessions, whether those are people, pets, or things, then a home security system is a very smart tool to consider. While the idea of one may seem overwhelming, at first, these systems have gone through some major changes in the last decade that have made them smarter, yet simpler in so many ways.

If you are thinking about increasing the level of protection around your home, adding a second lock to the door may not be as effective as you'd hoped. Consider these benefits of home security systems to decide if this kind of protection is right for you.

Valuables Are Protected

Protect Your Valuables

This is the number one reason for homeowners to invest in a home security system. Whether you're trying to protect family members, valuables, money, or anything else, you're likely going to have a much greater chance of keeping it safe with a quality home security system.

Burglars Are Deterred

Burglar Breaking In

Many houses become targets for thieves simply because of their lack of security. In fact, many burglars look for items such as cameras, alarms, and signs when they're deciding on a home to invade. Interviews with convicted thieves revealed that more than half of the burglars would change locations if there were, in fact, signs of a security system, while only 13% said that they would continue to pursue a home that had security.

Your Home Is Accessible Anywhere

As mentioned, today's security systems are much smarter and often much simpler than previous designs. Homeowners can use video monitoring and integration throughout their homes, allowing them to view their property from anywhere in the world and make changes to the home at the touch of a button.

Remote access allows homeowners to change the temperature, lock doors, move camera angles, and even turn on lighting when they're not home. Many of these features are available to keep the home safe but also to deter burglars from thinking that the house is empty.

It Lowers Your Insurance

Insurance Bill

Homeowners who have home security benefit from lowered insurance rates, based on the knowledge that the home is less likely to experience theft, damage, or loss. The better the system in place, the lower the rates will likely be. Homeowners can save up to 20% on their insurance, which greatly makes up for the monthly costs of the system.

You Can Catch Up with the Kids

Girls Holding Hands

For those parents who like to have a watchful eye on their kids when they're not home, these more integrated security systems can be very beneficial. With video monitoring, parents can see that their kids have come home from school, who is doing their homework, and who is going to take the dog for a walk.

This is also a great system if you have forgetful kids who are either losing their keys or leaving the doors unlocked all of the time.

There Are Lots of Package Options

Security systems are not just for CEOs and celebrities. As the demand for these products has risen, so, too, have the options available for every homeowner. This means that you can work with an experienced security company who can give you all kinds of options to suit your needs as well as your budget.

Just some of your options include intrusion detection, fire control, wireless systems, wireless video, and more. For many homeowners, a basic set-up may be all they need; however, research the options available to help you decide what tools will provide the best protection for your home.

Made with a Sleek Design

Another benefit of a home security system is that they work to keep you safe without becoming an eyesore on your wall. This is especially true for wireless security options, which are easily installed free of cords and are simple to move around the house if you so choose.

For homeowners who move around a lot or who have a growing family, the opportunity for a security system that grows along with you can be very beneficial. Even if you do move, the system can be quickly and easily un-installed and re-installed in your new home.

They Offer Peace of Mind

Feeling uneasy on your family trip? Looking for someone to visit your home to check in? Not necessary. With these security systems, you can have the layout of your home displayed in no time. Not only that, but a lot of these systems will send word of a break-in to dispatchers as soon as there is a chance of danger.

There is a benefit in having peace of mind and having the knowledge that your home and loved ones are safe. Now you can enjoy your day in peace knowing that the locks are locked, the temperature is perfect, and your family members are safe.

Big Safe

There are numerous benefits to home security. Even the most basic setups are likely to keep your valuables more protected than a home without any protection at all. If you're still not sure about a security system, consider speaking to a professional about all of the other benefits not mentioned. Even if the system stops theft or loss one time, it's well worth the investment.





You can let authorities know if you have pets in your home in the event of an emergency by displaying a Pet Saver notice.

Click here to print a notice or phone us now (888.747.0904, ext. 3) and we'll send you a decal today!

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